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Workouts You Can Do at Your Desk

If you spend hours hunched over a desk working, by the time you call it a day, your back hurts, your bottom hurts, and even your brain hurts. At quitting time, are you still motivated to go to the gym like you promised yourself three years ago? Probably not! Excuses are out because there are […]

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Get the Most Out of Your Office Desk

When floating the idea of getting your own office, you probably envisioned a comfortable, elegant, and well organized desk. Sit tight, because there are plenty of choices when it comes to desks and desk furniture. To get the most out of your office, decide if you want a desk that promotes health or one that […]

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Working, Playing, and Rejuvenating All in a Day’s Work

Do you ever wonder how working norms came to be and how feasible they are in today’s workaholic fueled society? The “American Dream” is considered by many as the ability to make a reasonable living off of a standard 40-hour work week to provide for their family and take a a vacation or two per […]

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Technology is Great, Unless You’re Human

It doesn’t take a historian to tell us people have gotten “rounder” over the last century. Every adult is aware that waistlines have been expanding over the years as advancements in technology has made life easier – in nearly every way possible. And its great for convenience but at the peril of our health. Over 500 million obese people worldwide […]

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Traveling and Working Remotely? Here are the Essentials

Everyone wants to travel, and maybe you don’t have to wait until retirement to fulfill this dream. If you can squeeze in some work hours while traveling, you may be on the road to a better, more enriched life. Of course, whether you’re working on the road, in the air, or in a Parisian café, […]

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