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We don't take anything seriously, unless we are standing up.

How Sitting is Slowly Sucking the Life Out of You

We all know the importance of exercise, but what about your other activities? Maybe you work an office job, or spend a lot of time relaxing in front of the TV. This immobility creates an expanding waistline, not to mention the body part you actually sit on. But did you know sitting is detrimental to […]

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Get Up, Stand Up: The Best Standing Desks on the Market

Yes, it’s easy to sit like a hunchback in a dark cave, pecking away at your laptop, but is it the best way to work? Sitting for prolonged periods of time is bad for posture, muscle alignment, and much, much more. Mainstream America is finally realizing the disastrous effects of sitting all day, everyday and […]

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The Snowball Effect: Our Timeline from Prototype to Production

I’ve recently come quite fond of snowballs. At first, they are easily formed and easily destroyed, and just as easy to start over and re-form. Once created and the momentum builds, they can build upon themselves into a near-indestructible force that continues on its path, growing into a virtuous circle. What do snowballs have to do […]

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Prototyping and refinements

2014 is going to be a great year for zoomStand. We finished filing our first non-provisional utility patent just before Christmas and are deep into refining the small details of our design, prototyping and pushing forward our progress with potential manufacturers. We are still a mile away from the finish line, but the last mile […]

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Patent filing + manufacturing

We hope you’re having fun in the sun this summer! We are staying cool and pale working away in our offices. We are excited to announce that we are partnering with a manufacturing sourcing group to bring zoomStand off of our computer monitors and into our physical lives. It has been an incredible journey so far, […]

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